Pinnacle is dedicated to producing events that provide unique, enjoyable and memorable experiences for our guests. In creating an event we work to develop these unique experiences by following these basic principles:

  • Provide a Luxurious Event Experience! Luxury, in the hospitality industry, is a feeling primarily derived from receiving top-quality service. Pinnacle focuses on providing the highest service levels.
  • Customize the Event to the Guest & Theme the Experience! Pinnacle does not sell “canned” programs. We personalize the itinerary and then “brand” the event in order to create a unique experience.
  • Engage the Guest! Pinnacle plans activities that encourage guest interaction, provide entertainment, are educational in some manner, and provide an escape for the guest.
  • Eliminate Customer Sacrifice! Customers don’t just want choices, they want exactly what they want. We bend over backwards to say “YES”.
  • Provide Customer Surprise! Is there anything more rewarding than to pay for something and then receive more than you expected? We embrace this principle in our planning process.

No term in the event industry is given as much emphasis in the selling proves as “customer service,” and yet, it is often absent in the production of an event. Pinnacle has a very clear understanding that Customer Service is our product!

We don’t own the hotels, spas, golf venues, restaurants, or the transportation companies that we utilize in producing your event. We provide the knowledge and experience to wrap components together in the planning process; the creativity to make those components unique and memorable; and the service to produce the finished product. Customer service is the glue that binds the event together!

Pinnacles single greatest emphasis in hiring is a candidate’s understanding and passion for providing pro-active customer service. With the right people on board, we are able to focus on the following concepts:

  • Customer service is our product! Noting is more important that attending to our guests’ immediate needs
  • Understand the customer’s wants! Pinnacle continually strives to understand what our customer wants.
  • Create a vision of perfection centered on the guest! It is 100% about the guest.
  • Pro-actively serve the guest! By creating a vision that is guest centered and continually working to understand the clients wants, we are able to consistently anticipate our guests needs.

The Pinnacle Experience is very fortunate to have a staff that is passionate about producing top-quality events. We pride ourselves in handling the details so that you can focus on entertaining your guests. We are absolutely committed to exceeding expectations; it is the driving force behind our ultimate objective of being the very best event company in the industry.


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